The Trans Project 


The Trans Project is a personal project my assistant and I are doing to help use the platform I have and give Trans & non-binary folks a voice. Usually, when most people have opposition to Trans folk, it’s most usually due to ignorance. I can’t change that on my own, nor is it my place, but I would love to at least help. At the very least, I wanna do what I do best- make people feel beautiful and deserving in their skin.

I have great privilege having the platform that I do and giving people a chance to get their voices out and dispel misconceptions is something I’m passionate about. I’ll photograph just about anyone, but my passion is for those people that are made to feel less than acceptable by society. My goal with this project is to give more visibility to the Trans community and get people out of their comfort zones! I know not everyone is super open about their transitions or just not in that place yet and that’s okay. I’m looking for individuals who have something to say. I’m hoping that with this project we can highlight folks that deserve the spotlight and enlighten some who wouldn’t otherwise know much about the Trans community.

Please note that these are not paid sessions therefor I’m doing them in my personal time and not everyone is guaranteed to get chosen. Not hearing back from me does not mean that you weren’t chosen but I will be contacting people as I have time to fit sessions into my schedule! At this point I’m not turning people away but rather finding space in my schedule when Kasie and I can do the sessions together!


The Trans Project Blogs