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Yoga Boudoir Session with Miss T

Cedar Rapids, Iowa City, Eastern Iowa Boudoir Photographer

Yoga is something I’ve been passionate about for years, so when I did my Boudie Call this was the first session I thought of that I’ve been dying to do! I love mixing my passions together, so boudoir + yoga was definitely a day maker!

This session was long and jam packed, and I don’t think I’ve ever taken as many photos at one session before! I had to go through the images to narrow them down THREE times before I even started the rough edits before Miss T’s reveal. In total, there were over 900 images total. I never usually show more than 50 (and usually try to keep it between 30-40) for reveals, but I showed Miss T just over 60! With yoga, there were just a lot of poses and movements and I knew her expert eye would be able to narrow them down a bit more. She also wanted to get some more tame ones in the blue outfit for business use!

I booked a yoga \\ boudoir shoot with Lexy. I loved that there was no pressure, I could be myself, and I didn’t feel judged.

Seeing how amazing the photos turned out was such a rush! We spend a lot of time critiquing ourselves based on often unattainable socially constructed standards, that to see myself raw, real, and strong was so incredibly empowering.

The whole experience was incredible. I felt so comfortable, and encouraged to own every inch of who I am. Thank you!
— Miss T

Miss T ordered my Temptress collection, with a glass heirloom box with 20 mounted prints and a keepsake USB, a metal print, as well as extra digitals! I can’t wait to deliver them to her!

This session, getting outside after a long winter, and the laughs that happened brought me back to life! I’m so excited for better weather and doing outside sessions!

And of course, I had to include some funny bloopers of my assistant Kasie helping with some windy hair!


Check out Miss T’s gallery below! Click and scroll to view large and uncropped.



For the purpose of sharing, I’ve split up Miss T’s gallery. Images below are NSFW.

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