Why You Should Book Your Boudoir Session With Me | Eastern Iowa Boudoir Photographer

When you book a boudoir session with me, you aren't just paying someone to take photos. Anyone with a camera can be a "photographer" nowadays right?

Wrong. Sure, phones are getting better and better and cameras are becoming more accessible. So why hire someone like me to do your boudoir photos, or photos in general?

The Experience. 

From first inquiry, to when you get those beautiful prints in your hands, I make your experience as fun and easy as possible. I do my best to make my ladies feel like a million bucks! 

I've invested time and money into my brand. I'm a legit business with an LLC and pay taxes. Equipment, editing and business programs, education, experience and the way I interact with clients sets me apart. I still have a lot to learn and I'll admit that! In fact, I take pride in it. I never want to think I know it all, that I've learned it all. I strive to learn something new every day. I'm always looking for ways to better myself and my clients- new posing methods that flatter specific body types for example!

If you're in my Facebook group, you know that I'm not that uptight professional. I honestly don't want to be. I'm an open book, because I believe being open and raw with my boudie community puts them more at ease. 

Here's the thing, I expect ladies to come to me, get in front of my camera, and take their clothes off. That is a LOT to ask and I know it. If I'm gutsy enough to be open and raw, so are you. I'm better for it, and you will be as well.

There's power in claiming your femininity and confidence.

Boudoir isn't just a sexy photo session. It's taking life by the wheel and saying fuck your beauty standards. It's taking a risk.

Here's what you can expect from my sessions:

  • Swift communication
  • Flexible payment plans
  • Complimentary wardrobe consult- I'll even go shopping with you!
  • Close connection with me- I check up a lot on my clients throughout the process! I like to know how you're doing, conquer any doubts and fears you may have about your upcoming session, help you prepare yourself both mentally and physically
  • Brainstorming with my hair & make up artist to plan your look
  • Laid-back photo environment- if you want to know more about this check out one of my many LIVE videos in the group of me doing a session!
  • Quick photo turnaround time & in-person reveal and ordering appointment
  • High quality print products that come with each of my boudoir package
  • Self-care goodie bag sent home with you after your shoot

Did you red that last part? I'm going to have you bending, arching your back and popping your booty so expect to be sore! For ladies that are 21+ I have personal bottles of pink moscato. For everyone else I have handmade bath bombs from the amazing Crystal Waltz with Three Witches! 

These bath bombs contain olive oil, baking soda, citric acid, epsom salts, food coloring, essential oils of rose and freesia and cosmetic grade glitter and won't stain your tub like other brands! Even better, they're made right here in the Cedar valley. You will literally glow after your session with me!

Ladies, you deserve the world. We kick ass, take names, and can even wear heels while doing so! You deserve to love and admire yourself. You work hard, we both know it. Stay at home mamas? You too. Working does not always mean clocking in. 

What's stopping you from booking a session?

Money? I've got that covered. My payment plans just require $75/month. Is your empowerment worth that to you?

Weight? There is no perfect weight to be at to gift yourself something as empowering and liberating as a boudoir session. Do it for you, as you are, rock your curves, or lack thereof, and own every single last inch of the wondrous marvel that is your body.

YOUR body. 

Every INCH.

LOVE that shit.

I know what angles will and won't flatter you. Keep calm and trust me!

For pricing please refer to my boudoir investment guide and contact me to book your session! 

Are you in my Facebook group? Why the hell not? That is a vital part of my sessions. My ladies are so amazing at lifting others up and if you're not in there you're missing out.