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There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.
— Steve Maraboli, Unapologetically You: Reflections on Life and the Human Experience

When Martha showed up to my apartment I could immediately tell she was nervous. Boudoir is such an intimate experience and it can totally be scary at first! One part that I LOVE about including hair and makeup in the cost of the session is that it gives us a chance to shake off the nerves before jumping right into the session. Martha's took a lot longer than hair and makeup usually does because she and Emma had a specific vision they wanted to bring to life and it was so worth it! 

I LOVE the fun looks I get to photograph with boudoir! It's unlike anything else I photograph in the sense that it's so personal and easily customizable. Your session is all about YOU. I like to incorporate those special touches to make it personal and special.

I’ll admit I was really nervous for my photo shoot with Lexy. I knew she was talented from viewing her previous work, but I wasn’t sure her talents could fix my insecurities with my body. Well, I was wrong. I had told Lexy that I was nervous about my thick neck, my tummy and my flat butt being displayed. These are the pictures that I love most from our shoot. I’ve never viewed my neck as elegant and long. Nor my butt as something worthy to be looked at. She show cased the things I already loved about myself while giving me new love for areas of my body I’ve always hated. Thank you Lexy for helping me grow in love with myself more.
— Martha
Be the setting that holds another person
up to the light like a precious jewel,
letting every facet of who they are sparkle and shine
revealing all the colors within their heart...
— Kate Mullane Robertson

Before I officially start the session I like to get the music started and shake it out for a bit. We wiggle our arms, legs, you name it, in the air like those crazy inflatable air things you usually see outside of car dealerships and loosen up a bit! I'm not a fan of stiff posing because you can always tell. Most of the poses we do are a form of a movement that we repeat a few times rather than a stiff pose that you have to hold. I try to incorporate my love of candid moments into boudoir- even though boudoir is usually very posed in and of itself. 

Weather ended up cancelling our plans for the next day so Martha was able to do a next day in-person reveal! We met over margs and chips at Carlos and she got to choose her photos for the Little Black Book. I love getting to see reactions at the photo reveal! There can be so many emotions and I love getting a front row seat to it all! 

Contact me to schedule your consult if you're interested in booking a session! I love making my clients feel like a million bucks, let me show you first hand!

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