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Trans Project with Kasie

Cedar Rapids / Iowa City / Eastern Iowa Boudoir Photographer

Literally the first time I ever met Kasie was when my Brand Ambassador Brittney brought him to her reveal. We immediately hit it off! I’d say it was about early summer when we met and he’s quickly become one of my best friends and the best assistant anyone could ask for!

When we first met he told me about an idea he had to do a trans project. I told him it sounded cool but was honestly way too booked up at the time to tackle that! Heading into some time off I’m excited to spend time with my family and work on this project. I put Kasie to work helping me build this questionnaire for the project since it was his idea!

I have great privilege having the platform that I do and giving people a chance to get their voices out and dispel misconceptions is something I’m passionate about. I’ll photograph just about anyone, but my passion is for those people that are made to feel less than acceptable. My goal with this project is to give more visibility to the Trans community and get people out of their comfort zones!

The questions below were put together by myself and Kasie.

Q: What do you identify as?



Q: When did you come out?



Q: If you feel comfortable, share your coming out story

My coming out story isn't anything spectacular. I've lived in Iowa on my own for a couple years now and my family is all in Florida. For me the opinion of my immediate family didn't matter as much as my Iowa family did. I sent my parents a long text message letting them know the day I was starting testosterone, and they are not very active in my life anymore. When I told my best friend Brittney she was at work and I texted her telling her I needed to talk to her after work and I should have known she'd be to anxious to let me wait till after work. She’s been with me since day 1 and now my nephew corrects anyone who uses female pronouns. The rest of my friends just adjusted, everyone slips up sometimes on my pronouns but It happens and they are learning and asking questions.


Q: When/What if anything made you realize you were trans?


I grew up with two older brothers and I just never felt like I belonged in a dress. I came out in 2012 as bisexual? A lesbian? I'm not really sure I just said I liked girls and thought I’d be happy. I mean I definitely was happy but soon realized that I wasn't happy in my own body, I did more researching and realized I was trapped in the wrong body. I finally got the courage to come out this year after my depression hit me the hardest. Now here I am 9 months on testosterone and happier than I've ever been.


Q: What are some of the most hurtful questions to ask? How can I be a better ally/friend?

Any questions that involve the phrase "real man/men" offend me usually I just smirk and the person gets the point.


Q: What have your experiences (if any) with male privilege been like? When you "pass" as a man to other people, do they treat you differently than before you started transitioning (i.e., before you appeared masculine)?

Its funny to me because to most men I pass, but if you put my in front of a woman its like they sense my estrogen. There was one time at work we had visitors who came from out of state and one of them men walked down my isle at work, at the time I was the only male in my row and he stopped and introduced himself to me and we chatted for 20 minutes and then he left and one of my friends who sits behind me pointed out how he only talked to the man in the isle and not any of the women. It was interesting because I didn't pay much attention to it. Then the rest of the week he came back and chatted with just me.


Q: What's been the hardest part of your transition so far?

Being patient and kind to myself.


Q: What is the best experience you've had since coming out?

When I came out to my aunt her response was; "Babe I will never not accept this. You are my Niece and I love you. Love surpasses all darling. If this is how you feel then who am i to tell you differently? I accept you for who you are. Do you babe! Just don't change your name to Carl. That's a fucking stupid name."


Q: What do you personally define as transitioned?

Everyone's transition may be different, for mine I want to have top and bottom surgery.


Q: What physical changes have you made since transitioning?

My breast fat has redistributed making my chest flatter, I have a bit of facial hair now in the last month it has came in quite fast.


Q: Do you have anything that you want to talk about that wasn't asked above? An issue close to your heart? Something you wish people were more informed about?

I'm huge on educating people and no questions a dumb question for me. I'd rather be asked questions than have anyone ever feel uncomfortable around me. That being said if anyone has any questions that they would like answered please feel free to ask!

I seriously loved getting Kasie behind my camera. The Trans project is all about that individual’s comfort level, but Kasie was down to get a little bit spicy for his session!

It was shot day so I told him if he wanted he could wait until his session to take the shot of testosterone! It was super awesome documenting this part of his life and making my friend feel like a hundred bucks at the same time.


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Are you interested in participating in The Trans Project? Click here to learn more! Please note that these are not paid sessions therefor I’m doing them in my personal time and not everyone is guaranteed to get chosen. Not hearing back from me does not mean that you weren’t but I will be contacting people as I have time to fit sessions into my schedule.

I can’t wait to show you all more sessions for this project!

With Love,