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"I'll book with you once I lose weight."

"I hate my stretch marks, you can photoshop that, right?"

"Babies have RUINED my body."

"I'd do boudoir if I had a better body."

No. Please just STOP. Stop giving me those body-hating excuses as to why you won't do boudoir. Boudoir is about being real, raw, unashamed and unapologetic. 

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we stand like the first image (okay, minus my ridiculous face). When we go to try on lingerie, we see ourselves strait on, in fluorescent lighting, no heels, just bla (totally using this as an adjective to prove a point).

In the studio (as well as in the bedroom), you're not going to be standing there in your dressing room stance, all blah... You're going to be arching your back, laying down, popping your booty ect.

Know, that when you get boudoir pictures taken, these pictures are how your partner sees you, how I see you, and how you should see yourself! So, even though most of the sessions I book are a gift for your significant other, know that they already see you like this! It's so much more beneficial to YOU to see YOURSELF from their perspective!

With just a little posing and a view from a different perspective, you might be able to appreciate the parts of your body that you would mark down as "conceal."

The first image is edited, but I have not retouched my skin. I'm not sucking in, poppin' my butt. No posing. Just. Me.

The two last photos are still me, but I'm working my God-given angles. I am a size 10-12, 170 pounds and 5'4"

I am CERTAINLY not a size zero. I have saggy tummy skin and stretch marks!

Why should you pay to hire me as your boudoir photographer? Anyone with a camera can do this right? Sure, they can point a camera. However, it is worthwhile to hire someone who has knowledge in posing, lighting and editing. The first image above is simply a raw file converted to a jpg, straight out of camera. Below that is the finished product. When you are hiring me, a professional photographer, to do your photos you are paying for the experience as well. 

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There is a huge difference in these photos.

Photo 1: Bad lighting. Bad pose. No editing. It’s essentially what we see in the mirror when trying on outfits at the store. Horrid

Photo 2, 3 & 4: Obviously a much better photo in many ways. Strategically lit, posed, and edited for an ideally good angle/portrait. This is what we do as artists. We take a subject and bring out the beauty that’s already there.




"For reference, I’m only 5ft and I’m 175lbs. I’m. Not. Small. " - Korin

Boudoir is all about displaying yourself in your best light, like the babe you are. 



Thanks for tuning in! I thought this would be the best first post for my boudoir blog. Thank you to Korin and Alexis for helping me out with their before & after images as well, you ladies are bomb! 

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