Studio Boudoir Session with Miss C | Cedar Rapids Iowa Boudoir Photographer


Studio Boudoir Session with Miss C

Cedar Rapids / Iowa City / Eastern Iowa Boudoir Photographer

Hair & Makeup: Alli Chihak

Blue Lingerie: Lace & Beyond Boutique


I’m seriously so in love with this session. I wrote part of this in my Facebook Group, but I’m deciding to put some of it in the blog too.

The beautiful Miss C came in last Thursday for her session. I can honestly say that while I hit rock bottom right after her session (that's a long story I'm not even ready to type out yet), her session was the highlight of my week. She reached out to make sure I was okay doing her session what with grieving the loss of Jenna. That was so sweet of her but honestly there's nothing I love more than doing sessions and my SOUL was ready to be creative!

I can't tell you all how healing this work is for me. I pour my heart and soul into each session and each client absolutely makes my day, even on literally the worst week of my life.

Amidst all that, she had her reveal Monday night and I've already:

1) Totally finished her images
2) Designed her album and ordered it
3) Ordered her metal print and locket
4) Just sent off her online gallery

I'm not trying to pat myself on the back for literally doing my job, but I am impressed that I still manage to have an impeccable turn around time considering her prints will probably get here before Monday. And honestly, I'm trying to celebrate any accomplishments no matter how small as a form of self-care!


Celebrating our accomplishments is SO important, and the small ones need recognized. Miss C was just what I needed last week. This is a job to me, but being able to be creative while doing what I love is so healing for my soul. These images to me are emotional all around because Miss C recently announced she’s pregnant! I love that not only was this a self-love boost for her, but also documenting her body in the early weeks of her pregnancy. She’s absolutely glowing and radiant! Her green eyes just blew me away while I was editing and I love how vibrant her tattoos are!

With this session I really wanted to tap into a more vulnerable feel with the last outfit change we did. Miss C fell in love with that blue piece she got from Lace & Beyond and knew it would go perfect with her necklace and shoes she wore at her wedding. This was also the most revealing outfit she had and I knew it would bring her out of her comfort zone. The finished images have a heavy feel to them, I think you can tell just how much they mean to Miss C and also to me. I can only reach that level of vulnerability with my clients if I, too, strive to be vulnerable right along with them. It’s too easy to shut those feelings off but this is too much of an emotional experience for me to do that and reaching that new emotional level with a friend and client was truly something special to me!

miss c.jpg
I loved how as soon as I walked in, I felt comfortable just like I was at home. I loved how patient you were because I wanted to at least try every position suggestion. I’m very shy about showing off my body but by the end, when I was in the most revealing outfit, I could have cared less because I was having so much fun. I honestly didn’t want it to end. I’m ready to schedule unlimited sessions with you in the future just to have the experience again!
— Miss C

So excited for all my upcoming sessions with the new set up! Wanna be one of those sessions? Contact me, we can talk about making your dream experience come to life. I’ve also got some special deals coming up for certain sessions I want to shoot so keep an eye out for that!

Check out the rest of Miss C’s gallery below! Click and scroll through to view large and uncropped.

With Love,