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Rented Location Couples Boudoir Session

Cedar Rapids / Iowa City / Eastern Iowa Couples Boudoir Photographer

Whew! December was intense for me you guys. Coming back from my break with this couples session for two dear friends of mine visiting from out of state was just what my creative soul needed. I always love working with couples in a special way. Unlike when it’s just me and a client alone and I direct most of the posing, I get to sit back a bit more and fade into the background with couples. At the same time I’m totally not afraid to get all up in their business for the sake of a good shot, especially if I’m already friends with the couple!

What I love the most about couples sessions is taking the time at the beginning to do individual shots of each of them before getting them together for the rest of the session. Usually women are more comfortable being photographed so I always start with them! Their partner usually gets more comfortable as they watch their significant other popping their booty for photos. By the time we start doing couples shots they’re more comfortable and forget I’m there!

My wife brought up the idea to me and I thought it would be a good experience to share with her. Plus I get to look at her hot ass professionally!

I had a good time and enjoyed Lexy making us feel totally comfortable and at ease throughout the process.
Also, thanks for all the pictures of my wife’s ass!
— Mr T
Lexy did an amazing job with both our wedding photos and my individual boudoir shoot. I wanted to see the magic happen with both my husband and myself in this kind of shoot.

I loved how relaxed everyone was! Lexy did a great job of letting us be natural with each other. Perfect amount of professional guidance and also let us take the reins.

We had so much fun with this shoot. Lexy is so talented and just the most open-minded and skilled photographer. It’s been so cool to watch her journey into the world of boudoir photography and really find her passion!
— Miss E

Being friends, but also former clients two times over made this session near and dear to my heart. I got to visit Miss E when I went to Virginia this summer and I’m so stoked I was able to photograph her and her boo together while they were visiting Iowa! Miss E was actually my FIRST EVER BOUDOIR CLIENT! Yep! In October of 2017 when I was not even 6 months into doing photography she asked me, “do you do sexy photos?” to which I replied, “I mean, I don’t not do sexy photos?”

Protip: don’t do what I did, boudoir is NOT something that is easy or can be picked up without knowledge of posing and I got SERIOUSLY lucky that I didn’t mess anything up, and spent months afterwords learning hands-on and online before doing more sessions!

As a photographer, I seriously love all my clients. However, those special clients that keep coming back and investing in you financially, emotionally as friends and clients are so near and dear to my heart. I have a few that are like this and I can tell you, your second and third sessions are no where near as scary as your first session. I’ve had lots of people do a session and come back to do my other session or a couples session and they’re always so much more laid back and know what to expect!


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I always love sessions where Kasie attends as my assistant. I never shoot couples without an assistant and adore the behind-the-scenes photos he takes of me doing my thang!

Are you thinking about starting a self-love adventure? I have availability as early as February and I’m so excited for the fun sessions I have coming up!

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