Reasons Why You Should Definitely NOT Do a Boudoir Session | Eastern Iowa Boudoir Photographer

Yep, you read that right. I'm going to tell you why you should NOT book a self love session with me. 

There are so many reasons why women book sessions and I've already talked about them here. Now I'm here to tell you why NOT to. 

1. I need to lose weight first. Your boudoir session is about so much more than your size! It's about your confidence, about loving yourself, about owning your body! What I recommend is booking a session now, and later! A transformational session! Your body is so beautiful as it is, but if you insist this is an amazing way to show off your fitness journey.


2. I'm too old. GIRL. Don't give me that. I've photographed women of all ages and shapes and while I don't have permission to share all of my sessions, they rocked it! Your beauty is timeless and growing old just means you have more to celebrate. 


3. I don't have anything to wear. I will personally go shopping with you and plan your look if that's what it takes, but you don't need lingerie to look sexy! Sometimes a comfy cardigan and panties, or even a jersey is the perfect touch! One of my favorite parts about doing sessions is helping plan your wardrobe so don't let that stop you.

4. I don't want anyone seeing my images. Great! They won't! I don't share ANYTHING unless I have permission. Read my FAQ and privacy policy here

5. I can't afford to spend money on myself. You can't afford NOT to! If that's your excuse, it will always hold you back. When was the last time you treated yourself? Us women (and especially moms!) often get so caught up with everyone else's wants and needs that we forget about ourselves. Just like going to a spa, boudoir is such a great way to treat yourself! Come and get pampered, I'll even send you home with a bath bomb! I even offer flexible payment plans.

6. I'm just not a makeup and glam person. Me too! I rarely wear makeup nowadays. I love wearing it but I also feel beautiful without it. While it is so much fun doing the whole shebang, if more of a laid back and natural session is your vibe, go for it girl! I offer a Natural You Session and it's more of an unposed/lifestyle boudoir session. Imagine you in some cute undies, sipping some coffee in your kitchen or curled up with a book and you've got the Natural You session. This can be singles or couples and is honestly my favorite session I offer!

7. My spouse won't let me. Your partner should support and respect you and at least hear you out. Again, while I do love doing nudes, boudoir can be as covered as you want. If you wanna wear a one-piece bathing suit, go for it! It can be hard for a man to understand how empowering it can be to do a boudoir session. You can also see if maybe they would be interested in a couples session if that's a concern! I LOVE working with couples!

8. I have no clue how to do my hair and makeup. That's totally fine! My boudoir session comes with professional hair and makeup that really adds that "wow factor" to images! Every day makeup is so different from professional makeup. While it is heavier, the camera doesn't pick it up like your eyes do so heavier application is needed if that's the look you're going for. 

Little Black Book Boudoir Exclusive.jpg

9. I don't know what I would even do with the photos or where I would print them. I don't expect you to know! This is why I offer professional printing. Most times, places like Walgreens and Walmart won't even print boudoir photos. The labs I use for printing never share images and are 100% professional. Not only that, but the quality is an archival quality, so you'll be able to look at these images for years to come with little wear and tear to your products! See more of the kind of prints I offer HERE.

10. (Insert random excuse here). Self-doubt and fear can be hard to overcome and it's so easy to stay in your comfort zone. I can tell you now, you are worth it. Even if you think you aren't. I've never had anyone, regardless of size or age, hate their images or their experience. What's the worst that will happen? It's so worth overcoming that fear!

Are you ready to book your self-love experience?! Contact me. Let's talk. Get out of your comfort zone! Life is short, do the shoot!