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A Separation Celebration with Terri

Cedar Falls, Waverly & Cedar Valley Boudoir Photographer

When I first launched my boudoir website, I had the quote “Some women fear the fire, others become it.” on my website landing page. That quote definitely immediately came to mind the minute I sat down to write this blog.

I’m now almost two years into shooting boudoir exclusively, and I’m starting to see a lot of repeat clients. Your second session is ten times more fun than your first session, since you already know what to do! Terri was one of my first ever boudoir clients who booked during my first ever boudoir marathon in October of 2017. I don’t even have the images from her session anymore, but it lit a fire in my heart and I haven’t wanted to shoot anything since!


“My divorce didn’t fail, it completed.

This is my separation celebration.”


This session could be considered more “passion portraits” than boudoir, but I’m a big believer in making anything into boudoir. Boudoir is about reclaiming yourself and your body, and this session is exactly that.

Terri has been a good friend of mine for a while now and I’ve seen her grow into such an amazing and strong woman and mother. She loves with all her heart and she deserved this release so much. Divorce is something a lot of people struggle through quietly because of the stigma about it. She was one of the first people I admitted to that I wanted a divorce, because she was going through it and I wasn’t sure where to even start. That day she gave me so much courage, and I’m so happy she came to me with this idea and I could help her have this experience she deserved. Her parents were kind enough to let us burn this old couch on their property and we made sure everything was a safe distance away. I barely even posed her, she moved with such grace and fluidity and held herself so high!

I admire Terri more than she will know, and I’m so excited for her new chapter in life!

Lexy finding Toad.jpg

During our session, Kasie found a tiny baby toad and I squeeled so big he dropped it! If you knew me growing up, you’ve probably heard about all the stories involving me bringing home frogs. We’ve been finding and seeing so many critters during sessions it just feels like the universe is sending good things our way! I had so much joy from this frog and it definitely set the tone for the shoot right away!


Check out the full gallery below! Click and scroll through to view large and uncropped.

Do you have anger to get out? Happiness? Wanna do something creative? These kinds of creative sessions make my heart soar. Let’s make something beautiful! Contact me to chat about having a self-love adventure with our team, we have availability in October and are trying to put together a few sessions for Colorado in September!


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