Pizza Inspired Male Boudoir | A Slice of Tyler | Cedar Falls, Iowa Boudoir Photographer


Male Pizza Boudoir Session Using Dominos Pizza

Cedar Falls / Waterloo / Cedar Valley Iowa Boudoir Photographer

When Tyler was thinking about doing a boudoir session, he wanted to make sure to incorporate his sillier side. Tyler is not a serious person, so a serious session wasn't up his alley. We did do some serious ones but those will come later!

It was important for me to still mix in the vulnerable aspect. Men are so often told they can't feel emotions like women can. Part of feminism is benefitting men in the sense that they should be allowed to show their sensitive side. Emotions are okay! Toxic masculinity is just that, toxic.

For Tyler, this session was exactly who he is as a person, and I'm really stoked to show all of you. My assistant and friend, Leah, got some super fun behind the scenes photos so I can show you a bit of "what I see vs what you see" stuff!

This session was a total blast. My room smelled like pizza all day but it was so worth it! I've known Tyler for what seems like forever. I think it may technically be first grade, who knows. So it was awesome that he was already pretty comfortable around me! 

When doing anything with men my policy is having an assistant for my sake, my husband's sake, as well as my client and if they have one, their significant other. Plus it means that I get fun behind the scenes photos like this!

I wanted a change and to do something to something different and feel great about myself.

I had a blast and finally got to see myself as other people do. It’s worthwhile and the other day I looked at myself in the mirror and actually felt like I could honestly be as proud of the person I am on the outside as I am on the outside.
— Tyler

If the typically boudoir session isn't your jam, I love listening to new ideas for sessions! Contact me and we can chat about your specific visions and we can plan it!


Check out the rest of Tyler's photos below! Keep an eye out for a Part 2 of this blog coming a bit later with some more images!

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