Outside Creek Maternity Boudoir | Miss B | Cedar Valley, Iowa Boudoir Photographer


Iowa Creek Maternity Boudoir Session

Cedar Falls / Waterloo / Cedar Valley, Iowa Boudoir Photographer

I have been SO excited to share these! Miss B's session was a bit moodier than I usually shoot, but still oh, so stunning and totally fit the edginess of her braids! I was pretty worried we were going to get rained out.

It was BREWING up a storm when we were shooting, there was barely any light during a time when there's typically a lot of light, and the creek I use for my sessions is pretty thickly covered. This was the same spot as Sierra's session, and yet a totally different vibe due to the weather!

I was worried but we persisted. I freaking love the images and vibe from the session and I'm so glad we said fuck it, and kept on with the session. Thankfully we found a beautiful patch of light coming through the trees that almost looked like a spotlight! We ended up stopping once we completely ran out of light. On our way back the sky was so beautiful and we could see storms in the distance with yellow light behind them!

I just loved how open it was. I have never really been scared to show my body, but some people make it awkward- Lexy did not.

Everything was very natural and laid back. I love that I got to do my photos in water, which is my natural element!

I just want to thank you for this whole experience Lexy. Like I said before, I was hating my body before my shoot. I had worked so hard to lose weight before I got pregnant, and then of course I gained some back when I got pregnant. I remember the day of my photo shoot I was so depressed, and I did it anyway. I was at peace during my shoot. And now, being able to see these photos for the rest of my life, to see the miracle of life. There is nothing more beautiful. Thank you!
— Miss B

Miss B decided she couldn't narrow it down at her reveal, and chose to have all but two images from her session! She got a 6x9" Rose Gold Album and oh man guys, it freaking took my breath away. I had a full release so I did an unpackaging LIVE video in my private Facebook group. Seeing that shimmery golden cover truly took the breath out of my lungs! Before she came to pick it up I decided to do a little photoshoot with it because it was truly just so beautiful!

Are you ready to book your self love adventure? Contact me! I have availability for Glam Sessions Starting in November and some sooner availability for Natural You Sessions, which is what this session was! I'm so excited for the ladies coming up on my calendar!