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Outside Boudoir Session with Rusty Cars

Cedar Falls, Waterloo & Cedar Valley, Iowa Boudoir Photographer

I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.

Man, this location has been popular. I'm so thankful for my connections I have so that I have access to such a fun property! This has been very highly requested for the oddness of the property. I've surprised the owners by wanting to shoot here so often.

I have had people mention "Well, I don't wanna copy but..." and let me just be here to say that you are NOT copying by shooting at locations that I've used with other clients. I work so hard to ensure every client has a unique session that is everything they ever wanted.

Since shooting this session, and Miss H's session there, I've been there with another client that is on a payment plan with an anonymous release. When I'm able to share I'll tell y'all all about the craziness that ensued when a freaking hornet decided to ASSAULT my poor, innocent leg- but that's a story for another blog! 

This place is so fun and unique and tends to change every time I go, so it's always totally different!

I’ve told a bunch of friends and family to check you out because it is truly an amazing experience!

My favorite part of the session was the laughs! I haven’t had that much fun in awhile and it felt so good to be able to be myself. Lexy and my two best friends made it awesome! It was just so much fun!

Everyone should book a session! I know it’s hard when it comes to money and finding the time of even the confidence but I promise it is so worth it! Lexy is so understanding and just wants to show you how beautiful you really are!
— Miss R

Once in a while you you gotta blow your own mind. Contact me to set up your self-love session today! I love providing a luxury experience for my clients and every session you do is a totally new experience. You are so worth it.

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