Outside Body Paint Boudoir Session | Miss M, Pt. 2 | Cedar Rapids Boudoir Photographer


Outside Body Paint Boudoir Session with Miss M

Iowa City / Cedar Rapids / Eastern Iowa Boudoir Photographer

Body Paint, Hair & Makeup: Alli Chihak

I’m so excited to share the second part of this session! If you haven’t already, go check out PART ONE of this session! The day we did this session we did one in-studio Glam Session and immediately following (after we all ordered Jimmy John’s of course) my amazingly talented makeup artist Alli did a full body paint on my living room floor. We had Miss M lay down on a blanket for this part and I totally wish I got some behind-the-scenes photos of the progress!


This day was probably the most intense day of my career as a boudoir photographer. Two full sessions back-to-back and I went straight to the gym after so I didn’t even really let myself relax! It was seriously SUCH a blast though and I’m so thankful for all the friends I have that let me use their properties so my clients can feel safe being nude outside.

Another challenging part was the timing of everything. Making sure between hair and makeup for the Glam Session as well as time in between for body paint and lunch, the time traveling to my friend’s farm and what kind of lighting I wanted for the session was intense and important to get correct. Lighting is such a huge aspect of what I do!

Miss M ordered an 8x8’ Signature Album with 35 images and a red velvet cover. I put in the order to my lab yesterday and sent out her gallery of corresponding images and I’m so excited to hand off her album!

Are you thinking about starting a self-love adventure? I have availability as early as February and I’m so excited for the fun sessions I have coming up!

Contact me to ask for detailed pricing and availability. I can’t wait to chat!


Check out the first part of Miss M’s gallery below! Click and scroll through to view large and uncropped!

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