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Mother Daughter Back-to-Back Boudoir Sessions

Cedar Falls, Waverly & Eastern Iowa Boudoir Photographer

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Back to back mother daughter sessions are simply unique, to put it frank. I’d be lying if I said this was my first time doing this, but one of my first times ever doing boudoir I had a mother and daughter book two time slots in my first ever marathon! However this was my first time posting two people like I did with this session. My whole goal with Carly and Miss T was to highlight their differences, similarities, but above all else their bond. I’ve gotten to know Carly well, and Miss T through Facebook interactions, but I’ve always heard the most amazing stories from Carly so to meet Miss T in person AND shoot her session was such a treat for me!

I immediately took her as a “take-no-shit” kinda person and those are the kind of people I love surrounding myself with. Their bickering was just as fun as when they would cat call and encourage each other during their sessions! I always encourage bringing a friend, and if your best mom is that friend all the more power to you! I have such a strong bond with my own mama, so highlighting these two felt so natural for me. Above all, nudity doesn’t need to be sexual. The art of being naked and unashamed is something important to practice! Loving and embracing your body in it’s most natural form is something that everyone should try to do as much as possible.

Starting from a young age my mom instilled in her kids that a naked body is art. I remember one Christmas my grandma gifted my mom 2 silhouette lamp statues of naked women!

Growing up in a home where nudity wasn’t something to be ashamed of really makes you think differently of your body. When I was 11 my mom decided to open her lingerie business which just instilled into me more of how people should embrace their body. When I was 20 I went with her to the World’s Largest Lingerie Convention in Vegas.

She has never been ashamed of showing her body- I mean that as in she will wear whatever she is comfortable in. If you see her in the summer, either in the backyard or camping, you will more often than not find her wear a swimsuit top and short shorts. If you even think of mentioning that she should cover up, she’ll more than likely tell you “Fuck you, if you don’t like it you can look away or leave”.

Over the years my mom and I have just grown closer. My mom always taught us if we give respect; we get respect. So sneaking around or keeping secrets wasn’t something I did in my teen years! She was young once and had always told us stories of what she did in hopes we wouldn’t make the same choices. That was huge to have a mutual respect. To know if I were to do something I shouldn’t she would be there instead of just instantly yelling or belittling me for a decision I had made.

I always thought as I got older our relationship would distance itself, but sometimes I feel like I need her just as much now as I did growing up. There isn’t a day I don’t talk to her in some form; whether that be text, Snapchat, Facebook, or calling her. When my mom and I both booked sessions Lexy asked if I minded sharing the rental with my mom for pictures. I actually responded and said I didn’t mind then followed up with “it wouldn’t be weird because my mom has come to many of my other boudoir shoots over the years!”

I guess what I am trying to say is a body is a body. Nipples, boobs, butt cracks, hands, feet, they are just that. There are many places around the world where nudity is no different than being clothed. She birthed me and watched me birth both of my kids, so being in a room nude didn’t seem weird to us.
— Carly

If you’re reading this, do yourself a favor: Listen to Mary Lambert’s Body Love Pt. 1 & 2 while staring at yourself naked in a mirror. She puts it into words so well and I’m definitely thinking of both those songs as I’m writing this blog!

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