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Beautiful Curvy Boudoir Session

Cedar Falls / Waterloo / Cedar Valley Iowa Boudoir Photographer

Miss H is a dear friend of mine. She recently had a surgery so this was a celebration of a new life going forward. This was also a healing session. All too often I hear of beginner photographers doing boudoir sessions when they really shouldn't be. I'm all for learning your craft, but it's so important to remember that at the same time, this is someone's confidence and self-esteem!

Miss H trusted me with this and I'm so happy she did so. I wanted to show her that she was beautiful and deserving! I wanted to help heal that part of her that was hurt by boudoir. Boudoir can be an incredibly empowering experience but can also have the opposite effect if we aren't careful. 

Being mindful of these feelings is a massive part of the job for sure. I loved how trusting and carefree Miss H was! She had no fear when she did her session, and I'm sure knowing me personally had a bit to do with feeling a bit more at ease as well!

I want you to show off my images so that other women know that you can be ANY size and do boudoir
— Miss H

I never expect my clients to allow me to share, but this right here is why I always hope they will! Inclusivity is so important to me and part of that is making sure that my work reflects that. I want to show women of all sizes and backgrounds! There's no reason that your size or age should hold you back from doing a session!

Are you ready to go on a self-love adventure? Contact me! Treat yo self!