Brand Ambassador Sierra | Iowa Summer Creek Outside Boudoir | Cedar Valley Boudoir Photographer


Building my Brand Ambassador Program has been so fun! I've really taken the time to make sure that the ladies I chose were a right fit. These past couple of weeks I've started a few of their sessions!

I had specific creative visions for these since they were down to be a bit more adventurous for their sessions. When I asked Sierra if she wanted to get down and dirty in a creek she was all for it!

She was such a trooper. We were getting eaten alive by all types of bugs during the session and the bug spray I brought along was not doing a thing to prevent it. We completed the session and I made sure to remove any bugs or bug bites out because those things creep me out! 

This creek was amazing and the photos were spectacular! Sierra got to choose 10 photos to share and is able to get $75 print credit for every person she refers to me for a session! She chose a 6x9" signature album, a vintage viewer and a luxury aluminum print. We did the math to figure out how many referrals she would need to get all of her product and I sent her off! I'm so excited to see these images come to life in the form of print!

Once she gets her prints she'll also be able to use her credit towards more sessions, and even family and portrait sessions. I'm excited to work with her, she was so fun during the session!

This type of session would be a Natural You Session if you want to get down and dirty in a creek! I would seriously love to do more creek sessions, this was so fun! Contact me if this better suits you than a standard studio session. I love working with my clients to make their vision and dream for their session come true!

Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and Lexy does an amazing job of doing that. I loved the reveal and how laid back it was. It was a 100% body-positive situation that increased my self-esteem, and was super fun all around!

Boudoir seems pricey to some, but it is so worth it. You can’t put a price tag on self-confidence and self-love. I hope everyone tries a session at least once in their life. It’s a game changer for sure!
— Sierra

Here are the ten images Sierra picked out! 


Lexy - Cedar Valley / Cedar Falls / Waterloo Boudoir Photographer