Male Boudoir | Dudeoir or Dudoir? | Cedar Falls Iowa Boudoir Photographer

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Is it dudeoir or dudoir?

Man, who knows. Yesterday I took the plunge! And check out that BRICK! This was not only my first time shooting a dude but my first shoot in my new in-home studio with me new brick wall!

If you know him, don't say his name please! For the sake of this blog post, we'll call him Charles EnCharg. Charles for short. Yeah, I like that. 

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So, yesterday two other photographers and I got together and did a huge triple shoot! Part of it included freezing my butt off so keep your eyes peeled for more blogs about yesterday! 

I was totally honest with Charles about never posting a dude, like ever. Not even my husband, Mack (but I'm still trying to convince him to get behind my camera). I was literally on my phone looking at posing ideas, not gonna lie. Which is okay, because it was something I was using as a learning opportunity! Now, once I get a male client I'll actually know what I'm doing.

I honestly feel like I learned so much! Every time I break out my studio lights I'm a bit nervous but since we were all outside for a huge chunk of it, I didn't really have a choice. I'm super happy with the results! I've been throwing these up in my facebook group with the caption that he's single and the ladies are going crazy over them!

I've included quite a few black & white photos as well. When it comes to boudoir I never know what to do because I'm drawn to color most of the time but the mood just really strikes my black & white obsession as well. In the comments, tell me which one you like! 

Are you in my boudoir group? If not, make sure to join it! Honestly, I first started it as a way for my clients who identify as female to join and feel safe sharing but has evolved into so much more. I've developed such a fierce love for those wonderful ladies! So make sure to join! 

Want to know more about boudoir? I do have starting rates on my website but for FULL session info please contact me for my welcome email that goes over sessions, what's included as well as my payment plan info! I only offer payment plans for my boudoir clients.

Check out the full gallery below!