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LGBTQ* Couples Boudoir Session

Cedar Rapids / Iowa City / Eastern Iowa Boudoir Photographer

As someone who has always been open about my sexuality, being inclusive is so important. I know that I have privilege by passing as a straight woman since I married my husband, Mack, but that doesn’t erase the fact that I have always been openly bisexual. Having a diverse portfolio is SO important. When these two inquired, I got so excited. This isn’t the first LGBTQ* session I’ve done but the first couples one I get to share!

I don’t want anyone to ever question if I’ll photograph them. I photograph ALL people, regardless of size, shape, etc. These two were a blast to work with and I’d even go as far as to say we’ve become friends after this spicy session! I’m all about working with real people, and unless otherwise stated all of my clients are people just like you and me. You don’t need to be a model to have a session!

I’m so stoked about meeting with these two since we had to reschedule for a week out. I always hate waiting to show my clients their images but this gallery was worth the wait! Miss L and C are getting an 8x8 Lilac Velvet Album and an 8x10” Mounted Print with the images from their session.

We booked this session to help us both love our bodies. I also enjoyed the opportunity to become an example of love for the lgbtq+ community.

The bathtub was definitely my favorite part. Those photos are some of my favorites!
— Miss C

My favorite part about the session was the giggles. I have to say, going in, we thought we would be more hot and heavy and horny. It ended up just being another fun adventure that showed our true love and passion for each other.

Lexy made us feel totally free. When she was directing us, it was solely for the best angle/look for the photo.

She constantly pepped us up and told us how amazing we were doing! We walked away with a new experience in our belt that we will love to tell friends about and look back on in our photo album for years to come.

I’m not a fan of my body, but I didn’t see that when I was looking through photos. I saw the love and passion C and I have for each other. I saw my hands all over the woman I love and the pleasure we give each other.
— Miss E

Special shoutout to my wonderful assistant Kasie for helping me with this session and taking behind the scenes photos! It’s no secret I love what I do, so photos of me in action are always fun to post! For this session there was a lot of corn syrup. Note to self, don’t forget the honey at home. But hey, I work with what I have! I’m obsessed with creative angles and getting those detail shots which sometimes mean I’m al up in people’s business. No shame y’all. It’s worth it!

Kasie also assisted me by making sure I didn’t fall and join these two in the bathtub and making sure I didn’t fall when climbing on top of various furniture. He’s the real MVP.

Have you ever thought about doing a couples boudoir session? Contact me! I don’t charge extra to make your session a couples session. I love focusing on the connection between two people in love.

For couples I typically recommend that they rent either this Airbnb or from a list of selected rental locations that are photo-worthy. That way after the session I can peace out and leave them to relax and enjoy a mini getaway! I know just how important quality time is with your significant other and love giving couples a chance to escape reality if only for a while!


Check out the rest of the gallery below! Click and scroll through to view large!

Here are more behind-the-scenes photos from this session! Enjoy!

And some of Kasie helping out!

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