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Lexy’s Favorites From 2018!

Cedar Falls / Waterloo / Waverly Boudoir Photographer

This has been quite the year! November of 2017 was my first ever boudoir session and I’ve been hooked ever since. I remember getting home and saying, “I want to do this for the rest of my life.”

I’ve grown so much this year in my business and I’m so happy to say this is what I do full time. I took this past month of December off for some personal time and it was a great time to reflect on this past year and my first full year doing boudoir (pretty much) exclusively. I do occasional portraits but honestly boudoir has been my main passion and focus and I wouldn’t have it any other way!


I wanted to do a master post of my favorite images I’ve taken this year. This is based off of my personal taste and is in no way picking out favorite clients! I’ve actually found that my favorites are never the same as my clients’ favorites and always think the difference is so fun and interesting. Many of these are my favorites for a the lighting, or maybe I nailed something in the shot that I hadn’t been able to previously, maybe it’s an inside joke between my client and I, etc. Of course I have soooooo many more favorites that clients chose not to have me share which is a-okay, and I’m happy keeping those to myself!


Without further ado, I present my favorite boudoir images taken this year! Please click and scroll through to view large and uncropped!

I have loved each client who has been brave enough to get in front of my camera. Wether they’ve given a full, partial, or no release, wether or not they’re in this blog, no matter how big or small of an album they bought. I’ve poured my heart and soul into each client and session and have truly loved every single moment of it!


I’ve loved all the fun chats that happened while clients got dolled up by Alli . .


All of the amazing couples I’ve gotten to work with and intimate moments I’ve witnessed . .

boudoir by lexy (1).jpg

I’ve loved the fun locations I’ve shot at and the opportunities for friend making (however feathery they were)!

boudoir by lexy 2.jpg

Even that one time I got attacked by a wasp while shooting a session will be a fun story I’ll forever tell!

boudoir by lexy 3.jpg

I’ve loved adding on Kasie to the team as my assistant . . .

boudoir by lexy 6.jpg

I love all the fun places I get to work in as opposed to a set office space . . .

boudoir by lexy 4.jpg

. . . But above all, I love all the amazing people I’ve met on my own self-love adventure and the friendships I’ve made within our community!

boudoir by lexy 5.jpg

Every single client I’ve shot this year has truly been a blast to work with, I can only imagine how amazing next year’s clients will be!

Have you thought about booking a session? I have availability as early as February and would love to help you on your self-love adventure! Come get naked, or not, and have a blast with me! Contact me to chat about booking your session! You deserve a mind-blowing experience and I want to make that happen.


Wtih Love,