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Why You Deserve the Full Boudoir Experience

Waverly / Cedar Falls / Waterloo Boudoir Photographer

I want to start out by saying this is not directed at anyone in particular. Any photographer reading this knows what I’m talking about. The dreaded question: “How much for just a few pictures?

Unless it’s mini sessions, photographers probably do not have packages for just a few pictures. This is a huge reason I no longer offer boudoir mini sessions (but I do for portraits on my other brand). I’m not here to explain my pricing. However, I do want to go a bit into my process.

The reality is, it doesn’t take that much more time, effort or money for me to do the full session. I’m not saying doing photography as a career is easy, but rather that to offer less, it’s still typically the same amount of work.


To offer the best experience I can, a lot of work goes into my process:

  • Your first inquiry. Through my contact page, my system sends you a booking email with in depth info as well as a full guide and a video from yours truly. If you’re ready to book, you click the link to my calendar. If not, I will send out a follow up email to make sure you got your booking email and answer any questions you have.

  • Depending on the session you booked, we do a few of the following: I book my hair and makeup artist, we choose a location, we talk wardrobe, we do any pre-session consultations you may need, even wardrobe shopping with my clients one on one.

  • We do your session! I do a variety of poses and take anywhere from 200-300 images.

  • I then plug my camera into my computer to go through your images. Depending on your session you booked, I will prepare anywhere from 25-55 images for your reveal. I make sure these are up to my standards and I weed out any that are very similar, blinking or in between non-flattering images, or any that are out of focus or just didn’t work.

  • We then schedule your reveal where we meet up to go over your images, hand over your client gift, and order your prints.

  • After this I will order whatever prints you ordered, deliver your online gallery, blog your session if I’m able to share, share in my private group, etc etc etc. Y’all know the drill.

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Honestly, no matter how small of a session you do, all of the above still happens. Not only is it not cost-effective to me to offer smaller packages than what I do, but it’s cheating you out of the experience you deserve. If you’re looking for someone to just show up, take your photos and send them to your email, I’m not your girl. I do have smaller print packages and books available for those on a budget, but my collections are where it’s at!

I’m not going to sacrifice my client experience or my brand. You deserve to feel 100% validated and taken care of. I work so hard to ensure my clients have a self-love experience of a lifetime and I will not rush them in and out the door.

Clients are sent home with a Boudoir by Lexy cup containing a bath bomb and business cards.

Clients are sent home with a Boudoir by Lexy cup containing a bath bomb and business cards.

My whole mission with boudoir is to empower women and help them regain confidence with themselves as they are, in this moment. I’m not saying don’t lose weight or change yourself, but dangit, love yourself every step of the way. I work so hard to make sure each and every one of my clients feel sexy, confident and kick ass before, during and after their session. I prefer to take on no more than three clients per week to make sure I’m able to devote the time needed to make my clients feel comfortable and prepared for their session. This is my number one priority!

You are worth the experience, the full experience. Contact me to book yours today!

I also have a Black Friday deal announced for Black Friday this year. On Black Friday only, I’m having a great deal for sessions! Since I’m almost ready to close my books for the year, this deal will mainly be sessions scheduled next year. The deal is half priced sessions with $100 credit that you can spend towards a collection! If you’re thinking you want a session for next year hop on that! It is one hell of a deal and I am so stoked to fill the books for the new year!

With Love,