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Intimate Shower Couples Boudoir Session

Cedar Falls / Waterloo / Cedar Valley Iowa Boudoir Photographer

I've been sitting on this blog for a couple of weeks now, not out of choice but the fact that I just haven't had the time to finish it up! Couples sessions are my JAM y'all. I can't even tell you. I get to say, "hey, go be sexy together on the bed," or "go be sexy on the wall" and they know what's up. The best shots are the ones that I don't pose every single detail. Just documenting their interactions is the best thing I can do. 

I asked for fire, and these burned up the hotel! I gave them a few choices for rentals and they made a mini getaway out of it. I try to express that these types of sessions are a bonding experience for the couple. Inviting someone into your most passionate and private moments? No small deal. I'm so happy that these two let me in on their moments.

You could FEEL the chemistry in the room and vibrating around them. These two recently got a house and are just amazing people. I loved working with them and look forward to the next time I (hopefully) get them in front of my camera again!

I have never felt good about my body in my life. I was so excited and nervous for the session and I look at my body a completely different way! Thanks to you I can see myself in a different light and take the necessary steps to love myself! Lexy is super amazing at making everyone feel sexy
— Miss A

Want to get naked with your boo? Contact me! I seriously love working with couples and all that comes with it. I've got a lot of location options depending on the look you're going for and would love to plan your dream session with you! Today and tomorrow (6/4/18-6/5/18) I've got sessions half price to celebrate one year in business!


Checck our the rest of the gallery below! Please take caution, images are extremely NSFW and uncensored. Enjoy! <3


Lexy- Cedar Falls / Waterloo / Cedar Valley Boudoir Photographer