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Holy crap. I think if I had to sum up my session with these two into one word it would be STEAMY. My whole week leading up to this I was a bit nervous but more excited than anything. These two agreed to be my guinea pigs since I've never done a couples shoot before and oh my LAWD did they kill it! Maybe it's because Ally is my best friend and Caleb is my dungeon master in D&D but I'm over the moon about this session! 

I would like to publicly state that a lot of these are VERY impled photos so proceed with caution. They are however just that, implied.

I asked for fire and these two burnt the house down. Er, apartment down. You know what I mean.

I think that my favorite part of working with couples is the electricity between them. With single boudoir, it's so important to build that relationship with your client, and with couples boudoir its twice as important. Two people are trusting you with their intimate moments, It's not something to take lightly. I got off easy with these two because they're friends of mine but I honestly barely had to give them guidance. 

Sometimes you can't be afraid to get all up in their "bidnis" when shooting couples. There's times to back off of course, but those intimate moments are what I'm about.

I was really nervous about the shoot beforehand because I’ve never done something so risque! Caleb was super chill about the whole thing, which i had approached him and then Lexy about. I didn’t know what to expect when the camera started going because I’m usually just really silly with Caleb & don’t know how to PDA very well. That being said (after Lexy kindly informed me to quit looking at her & GET INTO IT) it went really freaking well! It’s definitely made me see my potential for sexy where I usually just see cute & awkward. Which don’t get me wrong, I love being cute & awkward. But sometimes ya need photographic evidence that you can be a badass queen. 10/10 would recommend Lexy!
— Ally
I know Ally was a little nervous for the shoot and I thought that I wasn’t, until the day of the shoot. I got a little worried that I’d end up looking awkward in a boudoir shoot, but once we started I was surprised at how fun it ended up being! The pictures turned out amazing, I almost couldn’t believe it was us when I first saw them. The whole experience was a confidence booster and I feel has just brought us closer together as a couple. I’m so thankful to Lexy that we had the opportunity to do this!
— Caleb


I'm honestly still swooning over this shoot, I finished all my editing last night because I literally COULD. NOT. STOP. Not even kidding y'all. My eyes definitely paid the price! 

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