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In-Home Nerdy Boudoir Session with Miss B

Cedar Falls / Waterloo / Cedar Valley Iowa Boudoir Photographer

I love when clients have fun visions! Everyone thinks that you need the perfect home to do an in home session. The reality is, your home is authentically you in every way and as long as I have some good light we can make magic happen.

I say that ironically, since this session is a good mix of natural and artificial light. Between the varied lighting and the fun space that was Miss B’s home, this is one of the more unique and challenging sessions I’ve done.

As I’m blogging this, it’s been a few months between actually shooting the session which is unusual for me but let’s face it, busy Fall season is no joke for photographers! Blogs are one of the favorite things I do, but they do take lowest priority when it comes to making sure my clients are getting taken care of so when I get behind I can get pretty out of order. I’ve had this one in my drafts for a while now and I’m excited to finally show you all the images from this session!


When Miss B told me she had a Harry Potter themed room, I knew we had to bring that element into her images as soon as I saw it! Red is a challenging color to work with when there’s a lot of it as it can sometimes give off a red cast. I think these photos turned out so unique and fun, plus as a fellow Gryffindor you can rest assured this has my seal of approval!

I loved how we did everything right from my home, even the outdoor shots! My cat got in some photos, which I absolutely love. Even though Lexy kept saying it was unusual for her to be so relaxed during a shoot, it was great that everything was chill. I was worried we would have to rush because the shoot was in the middle of a work break for me, but it was the total opposite. Plus I got to show off that geek is sexy too!
— Miss B

Check out the rest of Miss B’s gallery below! Click and scroll through to view large!

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