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Images From the Elizabeth Urban Boudoir Workshop

Cedar Falls, Dubuque & Cedar Valley Boudoir Photographer

I recently attended a workshop with Elizabeth Urban Boudoir in Milwaukee last month and I have been so excited to share the images I took! The day ended up going a bit differently than I anticipated due to some very unexpected social anxiety on my part, and some other factors, but I definitely learned so so so much and shot some great images too!

I really wanted to attend as many workshops as I could this year to better my knowledge, and this workshop seemed like a really good all around education opportunity. Going back to the basics really helped refresh me after a pretty hard winter, and I’ve already used a lot of what I’ve learned in client sessions as well as implementing new things in my business!

I’m not going to lie and say the day went off without a hitch, and while I learned so much, I was pretty taken aback by sudden extreme social anxiety. That week I travelled to Chicago, and then Milwaukee just a few days later so I think I stretched myself a bit thin on that one. Not only that, but I’ve been around groups of photographers, just not a group of boudoir photographers. It was really great getting to see how we all shot boudoir differently than each other and share tips and tricks with fellow creatives!

I think that the workshop definitely taught me a lot about what I like about my individual style, and reminded me that what makes me and my photography unique is so much more than snapping a photo and editing it. When I look at my work, compared to these images, I see the difference in my posing and face expressions, which I love. Being different is good, and I’ve always loved Haley’s work, so getting to see how she works and have a comparison with my work in someone else’s studio was a blast.


I really loved shooting with Haley’s models, in her beautiful studio with her direction! It was definitely amazing hearing about how only three years ago she was in my spot, and is now a two state business with a second location in California. It really put things into perspective for the timeline of certain goals I’m wanting to achieve and I can’t be grateful enough!

You can check out Elizabeth Urban Boudoir at their website and on Instagram!

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Here are some behind-the-scenes from the workshop!

I’m so happy I didn’t let me anxiety stop me from enjoying this experience and taking away from it. I have so many notes from this workshop and I’m having a blast working on things behind the scenes right now on new business and session flows!

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