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New Year's Resolutions + Reflections with the Team

Waverly / Shell Rock / Cedar Valley Boudoir Photographer

With 2018 coming to a close and the New Year beginning I woke up today with so much motivation and determination! I thought it would be a super fun idea to do a blog talking about everyone’s new goals for next year and how their goals from last year went!


Alli - Hair & Makeup Artist


Goals for 2019:

  • Learn more skills in my profession

  • Make money

  • Get back into the gym and be more active

  • Travel more


Carly - Lace & Beyond Lingerie Partner

One goal I had last year was to find myself, as a mother, as a significant other, as a daughter, as a sister, a friend, and an aunt. I needed to find a balance within it all. I learned last year that my time doesn't have to go towards being one of those. All my time doesn't have to go towards my kids 24/7. It's ok to go see my friends, spend time with just my husband, it's ok to go get drinks, and it's ok to take time for myself. I accomplished that goal by learning how to balance all my rolls in life!

This year my goal is health and fitness. I have no set weight I want to be, but I want to be my best for myself. I want my kids to have a mom who can keep up. From playing T-ball to water fights to chasing each other in the yard. I want to be a healthier version of me!

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Kasie - Assistant

Going into 2018 I didn’t think I was brave enough to start my transition but I did it. I didn’t have too many goals other than that and I’m almost one year on testosterone now!

Start going to the gym consistently so that I can lose weight in my chest and have more options for when I get my top surgery.

I also really wanna work on eliminating my debt this year.

Lexy - Taker of Booty Pics


Sooooo mine will probably be the longest, but I’m the one writing this blog and y’all know by now (hopefully) that I can talk all day so fair warning.

First off, I wanna pat myself on the back a bit because I freaking killed it this year. I’ve surpassed all my goals I set for my business and officially went full time doing just boudoir photography. I’m also pretty proud of my website. In case you didn’t know, I built this from scratch. It used to just be a little tab on my portrait website and last spring I made the move to my own boudoir website and had to manually publish all of my blogs since it wouldn’t import them. Not only that but I have consistently blogged and that was a MAJOR goal this past year. I don’t wanna brag too much but I’ve put so much work into bettering my website because let’s face it, unless I’m paying money Facebook doesn’t care about my business. A huge chunk of my clients are finding me from google and my blog is a great way to get to know me before doing a session with me!

I’ve also been great at outsourcing when I need to and automating my client management system and paying someone to do branding for me has been INVALUABLE. Seriously. It’s honestly cheaper sometimes to hire someone to do a job than do it yourself and realizing the worth of my time really put that into perspective for me.


My first goal for this upcoming year is to get more plants and keep said plants alive. So far I’m doing okay. I recently accepted the fate of my dear panda plant (blue pot, right bottom corner) as dead. The poor thing was getting treated for pests and the pesticide unfortunately was too much for it to bear. It was one of the few plants I kept outside during the summer. Okay, enough about my plants. (but really, my birthday is coming up and I will gladly accept any plants okay? okay.)

Also worth mentioning that I’m finally gonna do that back piece I’ve been planning and I’m super excited to take some new photos once it’s all healed!


I’m gonna jump on the fitness goals train. This past Fall I started going to the gym 5-6 days a week and focusing on getting stronger. I’m now on my third session of Evolution Kickboxing at FIT and it seriously has been a life-changer. I feel so much stronger and confident in my ass-kicking skills! A big gym goal for me is getting better at doing an actual weight-lifting routine. The gym floor can be intimidating and I need to sit down and put together a super awesome routine that is more focused on small areas rather than full body since I go to the gym enough to do targeted workouts.

I have a lot of business goals this year as well! I want to keep diversifying my portfolio and promoting body positivity both through my work and through my Facebook group. I want to be better at not over-scheduling myself and saying no, keep getting better at editing as well as be better at bookkeeping.

I also have some traveling in the works and would love to do more destination boudoir sessions (so hey, if you’re reading this and thinking about how sad it is that you’re nowhere near Iowa, contact me and let’s chat about the cost of me coming to you!). I’m also preparing for a trip to Canada this summer to further my education as a boudoir photographer at a camp exclusively for boudoir photographers! To say I’m STOKED is an understatement!

My personal goals are big and scary and I’m about to get pretty vulnerable so bear with me.

This year I want to really focus on getting to know myself as I am, not as a mother or a wife or a business owner but as my own person. The person I am when no one is looking. My journey shooting boudoir this past year has brought on a lot of self-discovery. Going from years of super uptight church environments from completely leaving the church and discovering who I am without constant fear of judgement has been BIG. I love Jesus and that’s no one’s business but my own and having the freedom to say that is awesome.

This past year I’ve let go of a lot of insecurities and it feels fucking good you guys. I’ve begun to set boundaries by setting aside one night of the week where I get to go out and have fun and let loose. I lost my identity for the past few years but especially once I became a mother. I love being a mother but I also don’t want that to define who I am as a person.


This upcoming year I need to buckle down and work on my mental and physical health. December during my time off shit hit the fan to be frank. I’ve had health issue after health issue and didn’t get to enjoy my time off like I thought. I’m having to reschedule sessions due to doctors appointments that I spent hours trying to get in to see and I just haven’t been myself. I still don’t have the answers I wish I had but hopefully I will soon and I can get started on the road back to good health.

Working through a lot of trauma is hard but I’ve recently started therapy and even just my first session was truly mind-blowing. I was pretty nervous and didn’t know what to expect but I’m already looking forward to my next appointment!

I need to work on who I am as a person to be the wife, mother and business owner I need to be so 2019 is going to be my year for growth!

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We’re looking forward to all of our amazing 2019 clients we have coming up and wish you all a Happy New Year! What are your New Year Resolutions? Put them in the comments below, we would love to see!

Are you thinking about starting a self-love adventure? I have availability as early as February and I’m so excited for the fun sessions I have coming up!

Contact me to ask for detailed pricing and availability. I can’t wait to chat!


With Love,