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Get The Best Out Of Your Photoshoot

Beauty preparation is key for you to have the best Photoshoot possible. With a little bit of preparation your skin and hair will be more flawless and you’ll feel more confident! I’m not telling you to make any big changes, you're already going to rock your shoot! Just a couple of pointers to help you out.

Guest Blog by Hair & Makeup Artist Alli Chihak


Getting your hair ready for a Photoshoot could be a simple trim, or getting your ends “dusted”. Getting your hair dusted is simply just getting the very ends trimmed enough to make them look all cleaned up, or even getting your roots touched up. Doing a deep conditioning treatment before your big day would also be very beneficial. It will add amazing shine and make your hair look extra healthy.

You could either do one at home or go to the salon. Please don’t use any DIY mask at home, using kitchen supplies on your hair only leads to build up and a wax like layer on your hair strand.


Skin preparation can be very simple: exfoliate your body and face. There are different exfoliators for both the face and body. Make sure you moisturize if you have dry skin. Your skin will be more glowy if you treat it right! 

If you’d like you can buy at home masks. Make sure you buy what suits your skin! Get the mask that says it will help you; such as dry skin or big pores. If you do this the night or day of your Photoshoot, this will help the makeup go on more smoothly and look more flawless!

For the body, there isn’t as much preparation, just make sure you exfoliate and shave, always moisturize afterwards. For those who like to spray tan, don’t get it the day of your shoot, get it a couple nights before.

(Side comment from Lexy aka the badass photographer who will be taking your photos: It will also help to stretch the night before or day of your session, as well as after! Soreness after your session is totally normal!


Here are some links to my favorite beauty products to help you get ready for your big day!


Mario Badescu Facial Spray


I love this spray! I use it before I put my makeup on/after. This is the one I use but they have different ones for different skin needs




Several days before your Photoshoot you may want to get your face waxed, and I say face because everyone grows hair differently.

Makeup goes on so much better without those little (fuzzies). Eyebrows, should be cleaned up, lip, possibly sideburns (depending on the person). You should get waxed at least 3-5 days before the Photoshoot so all of the redness can go down. I would personally go to a salon and get waxed, that way you don’t “pluck” too much, and you can get a professional's opinion on what to wax. 

Lastly - get your beauty sleep and drink plenty of water! Your body will thank you for it!




There you have it! Alli gave some amazing tips on how to prepare yourself leading up to your session! I also have a very in-depth client welcome guide that goes over more preparation and general FAQ's once clients have booked.

Want to book your self-love session? Contact me! I'd love to get you in front of my camera!