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Group Boudoir Session

Cedar Falls / Waverly / Eastern Iowa Boudoir Photographer

I would say I have no words but.. I obviously do, since I’m writing this blog. Y’all, my mind was blown last night. My mind was blown by the love, the confidence, the bravery I saw. My heart is so full. I’m so proud of these beautiful women!

Last night, I hosted a group boudoir session as a free, fun get together with dinner and drinks at Carlos O Kelly’s in Cedar Falls, Iowa afterwords. It was a BLAST! A huge credit goes to my amazing assistant, Kasie. He took behind the scenes photos for me and was SUCH a blessing to have so I could focus my full attention on my beautiful ladies that attended!

When the time came to finally get naked, I stripped down too. For solidarity, because it was FREEZING, but also because I planned on jumping in for a few photos.


Some words from the attendees about their experience

I came in feeling very nervous about this whole situation... How is everyone going to act? Will anyone talk to me? Will it be okay? And I came out very pleased I did it. It was very fun and I met a lot of amazing ladies tonight! It was very refreshing.
The group shoot was amazing. One of the most freeing things I have done. To see all these beautiful women in all different shapes, colors and sizes come together and experience self-love together, while creating friendships and a new tribe is beautiful. It was a truly amazing experience.
I was very hesitant to do it because I have a hard time loving my body and being naked (or half naked in general) is a terrifying thing sometimes. I look and think yesssss girl but a lot of times all I see is my flaws. Tonight I was able to let go and just be me and it felt amazing. We were all different and didn’t know each other, but yet it felt like a bunch of my friends having an amazing shoot together.
I had an amazing day with all the ladies in the Boudie Community. It was such a positive experience and everybody made me feel so comfortable! So many different shapes and sizes it was so beautiful! Thank you so much Lexy for giving me the opportunity to be a part of such an empowering movement!
I had so many butterflies on my way to the shoot because I had no idea what to expect, but I’m so glad I did it. We had so much fun and I definitely have more love for my body than ever!
It was so fun! I was so worried about feeling uncomfortable but everyone was so great and welcoming. It didn’t feel like I was doing it with a few friends and strangers, everyone was friendly with one another! I hope we can all get together for something soon even if it’s not pictures per say.
The second the bras came off and everybody showed their confidence in being bare in front of strangers was the highest point for me! For so many girls to show how close and trusting they were of each other was so cool. It was exciting to see the ladies break out of their shells! And they were all just drop dead gorgeous!
I have social anxiety, so I was starting to panic a little. Once I saw Lexy with a big smile on her face and all the ladies snuggling together for warmth, the panic subsided. Then it got to where we took off our bras and the first question was “am I okay with this”, the second question “are my nipples going to hurt someone with how cold and hard they are”. But seeing everyone just throw them off and jump right in was an experience I don’t think I’ll ever forget! It was an amazing feeling being surrounded by these gorgeous beings full of love, confidence, and straight up lady power. Thank you Lexy for getting into your undies (solidarity, sister) and letting it show so plainly on your face how excited you were to see all of us embrace ourselves.
I had been SO nervous about this the last few days, and I couldn’t be more happy that I did it. Everyone was SO nice and Lexy made me feel great. We all laughed and the feelings were real. Seeing all the confidence and different bodies was just amazing. I never would have pictured me doing something like this, and I can’t wait to do it again! Also being so close to people I’ve never even met before and being mostly naked and not even feeling weird about it was great! 10 out of 10 would do again.
This was one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time! Everyone was amazing and not ONE rude comment was made which is so hard to do with a ton of girls. Thank you for helping put this together
I have personally hated my body for a long time even more so after having my son 8 months ago. Doing this helped me realize it’s okay to love yourself, no matter how big or small you are! When the bras came flying off and no one said any harsh things to anyone or even looked at anyone wrong is when I realized self-love is truly amazing and courage from other women is a phenomenal thing! This was a blast!
I had been nervous a few days leading up to the actual shoot. The day came and I felt so nervous. I wanted to back out but I knew for myself to know that my body is beautiful I had to let go at some point in life. I knew I had to let go, and what better way to do it then in front of a camera! The open feeling was as free as a bird. I was so confident once getting there and seeing all the shapes and sizes that were there, I was ready to take my clothes off right away. It was an experience that I will remember for a lifetime. I now love myself just a little bit more than I did before! Thank you for this wonderful experience and I cannot wait to do it again!
This experience was so moving for me.
I had been in a very domestic violent relationship for almost 15 years. Most people would have never guessed what happened behind closed doors. I’m always so bubbly. Unfortunately my only out was eating. I was at my heaviest at 430 pounds. Unhappiness, self-hate and suicide thoughts set in simply distracting my focus of being happy.
3 years later and 110 pounds down, still fluffy but healthier. Still sexy but so much happier. I found true love and learned to love myself again.
This photoshoot is something I wouldn’t have personally never done, but with my encouragement from my fiancee, family and friends I did it!! It’s a new journey of finding self-love, healthier lifestyle, confidence and so much more.
Thank you Lexy for being a great stepping stone.

Instant friendship. I felt it. Everyone felt it. So much positive energy!

At this point I handed my camera to my assistant Kasie and ran in to join! The first one isn’t as in focus as I would probably like but the emotion and memories captured in it is priceless. I will truly cherish this!

And then, the most powerful moment. For this session I did not require anyone to take off their bras. So when I said it was time to do so for anyone that wanted to, there was a pause. Everyone kinda thought for a moment, and then ALL the bras came off. It was seriously so amazing to see so many women comfortable in their skin!

Then I said, hold where you’re the most insecure! After that, I told them to show off where they love most!

“Show me the booties!”


“Let the boob cages fly!”

Afterwords, our dinner at Carlos O Kelly’s was a blast! We all took their apple pie shots together and stayed for what seemed like hours! Our host was so great, even with the size of our group!


Thank you so much to all the wonderful ladies that attended! This was so fun! I plan to have another in the spring so if you missed it don’t feel too sad!

Are you ready to start your self-love adventure? Contact me! Let’s talk! I also offer boudoir parties if you have a group of 4-6 women. I also have a sale planned for Black Friday where you will get your session half off with $100 credit towards a collection (bundle of prints at a discounted rate). I gave all of the ladies that came last night early booking for the sale as a thank you for getting naked with me!


With Love,