F*ck Your Standards | A Journey of Self-Love, Empowerment & Healing | Cedar Valley Iowa Body Positive Photographer

I recently got to work with Rachel, who is an acquaintance I've known for quite some time through mutual friends and scenes here in the Cedar Valley. It was so fun being able to be super creative! I love the wild child / farm / vintage theme the session had and I'm so excited to share it!

Words Rachel sent me:

"I am an Advanced Certified Sexual Assault Advocate in my full time job, and a Vulnerability Social Media Influencer all of the rest time.

(Come see me on Instagram)

After years of navigating a body love and self love journey, I ultimately landed on my own radically vulnerable Instagram account a little over a year ago. My account primarily focuses on mental illness, chronic illness, body confidence, and feminist activism.

I was ready to face my body image issues (among many others) head on in the most authentic way I knew how. I began sharing my body, my fears, my eating disorder recovery, and the reclaiming of my body after trauma publicly. I shared vulnerable content every single day for over year, and gained 17,000 followers in doing so. During this time I learned things about myself and our society that changed me forever:

  • I learned that diet culture is a toxic breeding ground for unrealistic body standards, and I no longer wished to be apart of it.
  • I learned that marginalized bodies need to be seen in the same ways privileged bodies are portrayed.
  • I learned that it’s okay to have fat rolls, stretch marks, acne, scars, body hair, cellulite, and saggy breasts.
  • I learned that if every other female identifying body that I saw was magnificent, so was mine.
  • I learned to let go of so many societal gender roles and standards set for my body that I never agreed to.
  • I learned that I still have so much to learn!

Working with creators like Lexy, has been my favorite part of my journey. Being able to just exist, to not pose, to not wear makeup, and to stop sucking it in during photo shoots has been magick.

Working with Lexy, was seamless and simple. She matched my comfort level, and energy effortlessly. Wanna give yourself an enormous act of body love? Book with Lexy, and get your self care grind on.
— Rachel

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