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Bridal Boudoir Session with Carly

Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and Eastern Iowa Boudoir Photographer

There’s something special about second sessions. I know I’ve said that so many times, but dang, they make my heart a special kind of happy! When clients come back for more sessions after their first, it’s honestly ten times more fun, more smooth, and easy going! It’s SO normal to come in nervous for your session the first time, so usually when I get started the first couple of shots I don’t end up including since I consider those “warm up shots” and expressions are typically not as relaxed.


Whenever I get repeat clients, they already know how I work, their planning process is usually a lot easier (they know what to expect!) but most importantly, they come in ready to conquer without the usual anxiety that comes with getting naked for someone you don’t know. That was Carly, ready to conquer and look stunning while doing it.

I had a specific vision for this session, so when I put out my Boudie Call for a Bridal Boudoir Session and Carly applied I knew she was perfect for it! Carly got married this past Fall, and also did a boudoir session this past Fall as well (psssst, check it out here). If you’re a client of mine, you’ve most likely either met Carly while picking up lingerie for your session, as she’s my partner in crime when it comes to lingerie! This also means she always has the prettiest things when she does sessions, which makes it hard to choose which looks we should do!

I loved how easy going it was. I didn’t feel I had to be “stuck” in a pose. Lexy loves movement and to capture what feels natural for the most part. She will show you some posses but gets down and explains how to do it instead of just using words and you sitting there confused or moving the wrong arm/leg/foot/hand.

During the wedding, I did not get any “spicy” pictures of me and my dress. This was sort of my redemption because I LOVE my dress and wanted to capture that.

Lexy is BOMB at what she does. Worth every single penny. DO. THE. SHOOT!
— Carly

For her second boudoir session, Carly got another glass heirloom box with twenty of her favorite images. Since she already had a box from her last session, I let her choose a different metal for her glass box. She went with dark copper and I’m so excited to see it!


Kasie and I love our jobs and these back to back sessions and back to back reveals were such a blast! Carly’s mother also did a session on the same day. I’m saving that one for a special blog, because getting a front row seat to their mother daughter relationship was so amazing and I wouldn’t do it justice without it’s own blog!

Are you looking to book a boudoir session? I currently have availability for June sessions as well as a few spots left for my Boudie Call sessions. Carly received a special deal for her session since it was a specific vision I had, so if you’re wanting an extra creative boudoir session and are willing to let me share the images contact me to learn more!


Carly is also a super amazing business owner here in the Cedar Valley! Check out her info below to connect with her.

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These sessions made my heart literally burst with happiness and I had so much fun shooting it! Check out the behind-the-scenes photos my assistant Kasie took of us!

I hope you enjoyed these as much as I do! My dreads are kinda a mess in the photos and I’m embracing it. I’m trying something new, and scheduling blogs at noon on Wednesdays so keep your eyes out for my next session being posted at 12pm sharp on April 3rd!

With Love,