Brand Ambassador Kalee | Graveyard Boudoir | Cedar Valley Boudoir Photographer


Cemetery / Goth-Inspired Boudoir Session

Cedar Falls / Waterloo / Cedar Valley Boudoir Photographer

We didn't intend to do the session in a cemetery. Our first location ended up being unusable, our second location was so hot and muggy my equipment was practically unusable, and golden hour was hitting so we went to this cemetery to take advantage of the spooky vibe Kalee's outfit was giving off.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't terrified when my equipment was literally SOAKED with condensation, so I'm now going to be letting my camera warm up a bit before going out for sessions! To be fair, the second location was extra extra humid due to the small pond next to it. In the end my camera was totally fine and my lens is weather sealed so all is well and I was able to capture this amazing session! 

I have always struggled with being shy and uncomfortable with my body. Going into the session I was super nervous but it didn’t take long until I was comfortable and having fun.

The unconventional location fit right in with my personal style and made me like myself. I loved the whole session and can’t wait to work with Lexy again
— Kalee

We cut it one pose short due to the fact that it went from deserted to people everywhere. An old couple called us nasty in a funny way (at least to us). They were wearing matching haircuts, white shirts and khakis so I'm not too offended. Still laughing about it with Kalee, for the record!

I'm a bit behind in blogging sessions so I'm really excited to finally show this one off! Kalee chose a little black book and vintage viewer that she's going to get for FREE by referring her friends to me! Check out my ambassador program and see if it's a right fit for you!

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