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Outside Boudoir Session in Cedar Falls, Iowa

I took a bit to decide on my ambassadors. These ladies are going to help me run my group, and trust me enough to send their friends my way so choosing the right ones were important to me! I had so many amazing applications and I'm still going through some for future considerations, but I really took my time to get the vibe of my new team.

I've chosen ladies who are truly passionate about uplifting other women and my whole mission as a body positive boudoir photographer. I've been doing quite a bit of sessions that I either can't share or they're on payment plans, so I get extra excited when I CAN share! Brittney got to choose ten images to show off to her friends and her selection blew me away!


I just love seeing my clients get excited about choosing images at their reveal. We sat down together and went through all her images and talked about ways of displaying her images that she wanted to work towards with her referrals. She chose twenty images for her Little Black Book, a glossy aluminum print as well as seven images for a vintage viewer! (psst, check out my prints I offer HERE)

I loved that Brittney brought a friend to her reveal. He was nothing but a cheerleader and totally built her up the entire time! I always encourage bringing friends that will cheer you on to your reveal and/or session. It just makes the experience extra fun!

For everyone who’s been telling me lately “oh I couldn’t do it I’ve gained so much weight,” “oh I don’t like this or that on me” or “oh I’m not that confident...”


I’ve got a big ass, cellulite, and a belly. I made two humans but even if I didn’t, so what.

My daughter thinks my body is beautiful. Which will lead to her some day knowing her body is beautiful. Which will lead to my granddaughters some day loving their bodies.

The time is now. Break the mold by loving your damn self.

Please think about doing this for yourself.

— Brittney

Are you ready to blow your mind with an incredible self-love experience? Contact me! I love listening to each person's ideas and incorporating that into their session. I offer outside, in-home, as well as studio sessions!

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Love, Lexy

Cedar Falls, Waterloo and Eastern Iowa Boudoir Photographer