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AKA The best Facebook group that ever was. Don't even try to argue with me, these ladies in my group are FIERCE as hell. Honestly, they totally kick butt. When I first started my boudoir group I honestly just wanted a safe community to share booties. I mean, yeah, I share a crapton of booties don't get me wrong. They love the booties I post (or they just love feeding my ego, who knows). Between the fun posts and the sexy posts, I don't know what I love more. I do know that my favorite part about the group is the crazy sense of community. You'd never think the group we started out as would turn into such a fun group of close-knit women but it has!

Below I've asked some ladies if they would like to add anything to my blog about the group, and damn did they provide. They make me wanna CRY, y'all. Happy tears of course. I freaking love these women like a second family and for some reason they still like me even though I'm always making bad jokes and awkward live videos. Anyway, they can talk about the group better than me so I'll stop rambling on now!

I enjoy being here because it not only makes me feel safe and secure, but it makes me feel comfortable. Comfortable to say almost anything and everything, from my depression to my sex life and not feel judged, but feel heard. It’s an amazing feeling being amongst such empowering women who also make you feel great about yourself!
— Decota
I love it because it’s a safe area to share, be yourself, be open, and uplifting!
— Terri
I enjoy being here because I feel it’s awesome to have a group of women together that are not bashing each other but instead boosting each other’s confidence making each other feel their absolute best we all are adults here and can talk about adult things without being childish without judging it’s just all around a great group to be apart of.
— Jorden
I love being apart of this group because it’s beautiful to see women of all walks of life empower, support and encourage one another!
— Tyler
I love being able to show off my bitchin’ new mom bod without giving my mother in law a heart attack.
— Anonymous
It gave me the courage to reach out to you about doing this after a bad experience with someone else. And has made me feel somewhat comfortable with doing a session after having hysterectomy surgery.
— Anonymous
Being in this group has helped me learn to love myself. Seeing other women become strong and empowered through these sessions is so inspiring. My favorite thing in the world is to see these women uplifting each other.
— Kayla

I honestly don't think there's enough women lifting other women up in the world. I'm all about that feminism body positivity shit y'all. It's so freaking easy to tear someone down. It's so easy to let the world pit us against each other, and I want to challenge that notion; one booty picture at a time.

*not my image

*not my image

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