Becky with the Good Hair | Cedar Valley Iowa Boudoir Photographer | Love Your Curves


The first time I met Becky was right after she had her baby boy. She had that tired, somewhat defeated, yet prideful look to her that one can only have after bringing another human into the world. She was absolutely radiant then, and she still is now!

I have a special place in my heart for mamas. It's so hard raising little people, yet still finding that time for yourself. I think that stretch marks and "baby-making" bodies should be celebrated and adored, so I do my absolute best to make mamas feel like the beautiful goddesses they are!

I’m in love with my ass now
— Becky

I asked Becky if she would be my model so I could practice with some different lighting than usual and I think this might just be my favorite so far! The funny thing is, it's my husband's bedside lamp! Yep. You read that right. The same lamp I've been painstakingly moving out of the way for every session I do in my in-home studio. Not my fancy studio lighting. Now all my clients that have sessions coming up have requested my husband's nightstand for their photos which is 100% easier for me. Hell yeah! 

I'm so freaking excited about my payment plans! Timing is so important for boudoir and I totaaly understand the need to wait sometimes, but why not pay for your session in the meantime? For as little as $75 per month you can start paying off your session! You can pay more, do twice a month and even pre-pay on any print items you may want!

For pricing please refer to my boudoir investment guide and contact me to book your session! 

Are you in my Facebook group? Why the hell not? Becky and I went live during our session so make sure to watch that! Stay tuned for my next blog, I did an outside glitter session today! I also, definitely froze my ass off in the process but it was so incredibly worth it! If you're in my Facebook group you've already seen some of those photos so you should probably get on that!

View the rest of Becky's gallery below!