Meet Lexy

I'm Lexy! I'm the lady behind the camera. I'm a wife, mama, feminist, lover of plants, coffee & humans. When I’m not taking booty shots, I’m probably at the gym or hanging out with family or friends!

If you're in my Facebook group, you'll know that I strive to be incredibly open and vulnerable. I believe there's power in telling it like it is, even if there's some cuss words thrown in there. 

If I had to choose butts or boobs, I'd choose butts every time. I LOVE booty shots.

I love helping people fall in love with themselves all over again. At some point, someone told you that you weren’t good enough, small enough, pretty enough- well, they were wrong. It’s time to take back your confidence and give them the middle finger.

Good things happen when you step out of your comfort zone.

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Meet Kasie

Kasie is my go-to hype man. He can be seen assisting me during sessions, taking behind-the-scenes photos when requested, helping me climb on things due to me being a short human, as well as sometimes assisting me virtually making sure my clients get all their forms/contracts/questionnaires when needed. I’ve also recently started putting him to work with my bookkeeping tasks I can’t stand doing and I cannot tell you guys how thankful I am for the extra help!

When he’s not on the clock for me, he likes looking at pictures of his schnauzer, Zeppelin, working at his daytime job and sending memes to his friends.

Kasie is an essential part of Team Lexy and I’m stoked to have extra hands on deck making sure my clients are treated like royalty!

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Meet Alli

Alli has been in the beauty industry for 3 years now and loves having the opportunity to work with all of our clients. She does the hair and makeup before sessions, making you feel and look beautiful.

I love Alli’s attention to detail and dedication you can tell she puts into her work. Alli totally has me hooked on fake lashes, both for my clients and myself! They really do make such a difference. She always makes sure my clients are 100% stoked on their hair and makeup and will make changes when needed. Her humble and hard working attitude makes her an essential part of the team.

Aside from pampering my clients, she works at a Texture Salon full time, has two fur babies, loves to adventure and try new things!

Read Alli’s tips and tricks for getting ready for your boudoir session HERE!


Meet Carly

Carly is the second owner of Lace & Beyond Boutique. She grew up in a sex-positive house while her mother ran the boutique and has now reopened it. She carries a range of sizes and is so attentive to making sure my clients walk out in an outfit they LOVE!

Not only do my clients get a discount with her, but my Glam Sessions include a $25 gift card to her shop to get an outfit for their session.

I love that not only does this help my clients wear something for their session that they love, but they also get to take it home and keep it!

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